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Find your dream smart tablet mobile phone! IVIO Twilight 7 with OS Android 2.2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           New from IVIO! GG1280 modem with TV mobile phone plus camera, bluetooth and multimedia player                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Android Hybrid Dual On GSM/GSM+CDMA mobile DE-88, now available at our exhibition, Stock Limited!


Dual On GSM and CDMA

The most recent breakthrough is preceded only by us to provide dual on facilities, so that can read various SIM cards both GSM and CDMA simultaneously.

Android Froyo

Mobile phone operating system with attractive appearance and super-efficient performance and open source for various applications developed by different vendors.

Capacitive Multi-Gesture Touch Screen

Take control of your phone with your fingers through the touch screen that supports this multi-gesture. You will look like Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report.

Display 3.5"

Playing games and browsing internet becomes more exciting supported by screen 3.5 " resolution of 480x320 on this phone

Integrated Camera

This is confusing, is this a digital camera or a mobile phone? 5.0 MP camera has been integrated on the back of you can capture every moment of your life .

Multimedia Player

Actually this is a phone or a genie lamp huh? Everything you want in a phone are available here. Various kinds of entertainment from music or video player.

Support Micro SD

Save all the files you need on your phone capable of reading Micro SD up to 16GB. You no longer need a bag to carry your files are heavy.

Wi-Fi Tether

Not only the Bluetooth function already invested in this phone. Wi-fi Tether was also already integrated in it to support the use of your wireless network.


This motion sensor function to interact with interactive game applications. And this function can change your phone's screen orientation automatically when you move your phone.

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